Dr. Ahmed A. Moen

Board Member and PDC Health Advisor
Brief info

Bachelor of Political Science and Public Administration and Health Sciences, The American University of Beirut, Lebanon, MHA, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, MPH and Dr PH, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. National Director of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health Ethiopia until 1972 and Chairman/Director and founder of Health Sciences and Management at Howard University USA. He is also a member of the People to People Organization for Health and Development in Ethiopia, as well as a Board Member of Plan USA/Plan International formerly known as Child reach founded in 1935 for the past 15 years. He served as international health and development consultant with USAID, Carter Center for Peace Initiatives in Ethiopia and World Bank Projects in Yemen, Indonesia, Uganda and Kuwait. He currently serves as a visiting professor with School of Pharmacy in Addis Ababa University and University of Gondar/Howard University Partnership. He has earned the Gold Peace Medals for Peace from the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative in 2007 and the Medal for Peace from Society of Ethiopians in Diaspora (SEED) in 2008.