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Strengthening Institutions for Peace and Development (SIPED) II Project, 2016-2019

PDC works in partnership with USAID/Pact Ethiopia on Strengthening Institutions for Peace and Development (SIPED) II project funded by USAID to enhance the conflict prevention, early warning, response, management and resolution capacities, tools and practices of the Conflict Prevention…

Sustaining Dialogue on Ethiopian Campuses (SDEC), 2016 – 2020

PDC, in collaboration with Life and Peace Institute (LPI), initiated the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network Project in Addis Ababa University in 2009. The SDEC project has now been expanded to five public universities in Ethiopia namely Haramaya, Jimma, Ambo,…

Strengthening Local Cross-border Conflict Management in Lake Turkana- South Omo Cross Border (Peace III) , 2016 – 2017

This project is USAID funded regional program in South Omo-Turkana corridor which aims to strengthen local cross border conflict management system and improve the responsiveness of regional & national institutions to cross-border conflicts.