Resilience in Pastoral Areas (RiPA), PDC has conducted Conflict Context Assessment in the selected Zones and Woredas of Somali, Oromia, and Afar Regional States

PDC with financial support from Mercy Corps- Ethiopia has conducted two rounds of Conflict context Assessment.


In the first round, two teams were formed group one assigned for Oromia, throughout this group both Me’iso Somali, Me’iso Oromia, and Gumbi Bordede were covered and the second team was for the Somali region Fafen zone this team was covered, Shinille zone, Afdom woreda, Shinille woreda, Erer woreda, and in each woreda 2 kebele(12 kebeles) were selected for sampling and conducted KII and FGD. KII was conducted at woredas and kebeles level whereas FGD was conducted at the kebeles/ community level only. The number of participants for KII at each woreda was 4 (1 from the head of the woreda admin, 1 from peace and security office, 1 from women and youth, and 1 from Disaster and risk management office), and at kebele level, the KII has included two participants from a community representative The FGD conducted at Keble level was engaged 10-12 participants and those were from all walks of life (elders, religious leaders, peace actors, youth, women, peace committee..)

Second round

For the second round, two teams were formed, team one was assigned for Afar regional state selected two zones/ Zone-1 and zone-3,  and 7 woredas (Afambo, Asayita, Chifra, Dubti, Mile, Amibara, and Gewane) And the second team was assigned for Somali regional state, selected three zones ( Fafen, Shinille, and Jarar) and four woredas (Dembel, Awaber, kebri beya, Dega habour) and the detail activities were similar to as mentioned above.

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