A consultation workshop on re-initiating Kora Dheeda (Grazing system council) Borena, Ethiopia

Governance and Peace Component of NRM–Borana, a project under implementation by Peace and Development Centre (PDC) in Partnership with HELVETAS, local government, customary institutions, and several other partners, has conducted a consultation workshop on re-initiating Kora Dheeda (Grazing system council) – a customary natural resources governance in Borana through collective action.  The consultation workshop was held between 14 and 15 May 2021 at Mega Town of Borana Zone. The workshop brought together a wide array of stakeholders from both local government structures (LG), customary leaders (CIs), and IPs. The participants from the government structure were from Dhas, Dirre, Dillo, Miyo, and Wachile Woredas Peace and Security, Agriculture and Natural Resources Management, Livestock and Pastoral Development, and Women, Youth and Children Affair offices. The customary institutions include Raaba Gada, Abba Dheeda, Abba Reera, and key elders from Dirre, Golbo, and Wayama grazing systems. In the workshop, the following key issues were discussed:

  • The current status, roles, and performances of Kora Dheeda in the three grazing systems were discussed ;
  • The existing experiences, opportunities, and challenges were shared;
  • The way forwards to invigorate Kora Dheeda at Dirre grazing system for piloting were outlined; and
  • An action plan was set with grazing council of Dirre and LGs for piloting purpose.

The workshop was engaging and productive. It brought the overarching issues of NRM and governances into the forefront of dialogue for the customary elders and concerned local government structure. This would instigate the possibility of collaboration on better NRM and governance between government and customary institutions.


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