Peace and Development Center conducted Conflict Sensitive Decision-Making trainings for leaders of formal and informal institutions from December 15-30, 2020.

PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER (PDC) has been implementing the Cross-Boundary Initiative for Peace (CIP) project in administrative boundary areas between Chinakson Woreda of East Hararghe Zone, Oromia Regional State, and Tulu Guled Woreda of Fafen Zone, Somali Regional State. The project is a people-to-people project funded by USAID to mitigate intergroup conflict between the Jarso and the Gari clan groups in the two Woredas. Since the inception of the project, PDC performed different activities that helped the local administrators of the two regions and the clan leaders work together to mitigate the conflict and restore peace in the two Woredas. One of the recently performed activities was providing conflict-sensitive decision-making training for the leaders of formal and informal institutions who directly engage in addressing community conflicts in the Woredas.

Leaders of informal institutions who participate in the training (from Jarso and Gari clan groups)

Leaders of formal institutions who participate in the training (experts from regional bureaus and from zonal and woreda offices)

The first-round training for the leaders of informal institutions was conducted from December 15-17 in Tulu Guled Woreda. The second-round training for the same group was conducted from December 19-21, 2020 in Chinakson Woreda. Participants of the training were selected from both the Gari and the Jarso clan groups who live in Chinakson and Tulu Guled Woredas. The training engaged the clan leaders, religious leaders, Ababa Gadas, and leaders of traditional youth and women groups.

Leaders of the informal institutions of the Gari and the Jarso clans taking the training

Conflict sensitive decision-making training was also given to government officials in two groups. The training for the first group was conducted from December 23-25, 2020 in Tulu Guled Woreda whereas the second one was conducted from December 28-30, 2020 in Chinakson Woreda. Similar to the leaders of the informal institutions, the government officials also decided to take the training in the woredas to demonstrate to the wider community their collaboration and commitment to restoring peace.

Leaders of regional, onal, and woreda institutions and experts (both from Oromia and Somali regions) who participate in the training

Leaders of the formal institutions (from Oromia and Somali side) mapping mechanisms to restore peace in a conflict-sensitive manner

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